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We are a volunteer group who came together after the January 2010 earthquake to respond to the needs of families in remote areas of Haiti that are routinely overlooked by relief efforts. We are health care providers, community development planners and neighborhood stabilization volunteers who live in Boston and travel to Haiti to carry out our missions.

Remember Haiti Earthquake 1.12.2010

As we are reflecting on the 7th anniversary of the earthquake – it seems like yesterday to see and hear the pain all over the countries specially in Haiti.  We will never forget that day to see our beloved brothers and sisters lost their lives in a matter of seconds.

Now, more than ever, we must rely on one another to continue praying and supporting the country in any capacity that we can and that is why I am pleased to ask everyone to pray and collectively support or volunteer with families or an organization across the country.

As a volunteer group, Boston Mothers Care continues contributed  to a movement where families support one another, reach out for help and accept help from others.  We are building a community of hope, comfort and love that can not be broken.  We have been blessed to exercise our power to bring people together and continue dedicate our commitment and value to one another.

With the collaboration with St. Stephens will have a dedication prayer tomorrow morning at 8:30am located at 419 Shawmut Ave South End for the Remembrance of Haiti to continue give us strength, courage, and love for one another to carry and support the work for helping our beloved Haiti.

We Will Never Forget – Nou Pap Janm Bliye



BMC Wish You the Best for 2017

  As the year of 2016 is over, with a new year upon us – We are very grateful for our wonderful friends, families and supporters like you, who encourage, support, pray and loving us to continue our movements in Boston and in Haiti.

We want to wish you all an Happiest of Holidays to your and your loved ones

From BMC Members

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Annual Winter Drive


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