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We are a volunteer group who came together after the January 2010 earthquake to respond to the needs of families in remote areas of Haiti that are routinely overlooked by relief efforts. We are health care providers, community development planners and neighborhood stabilization volunteers who live in Boston and travel to Haiti to carry out our missions.

Thank You for support BMC Zumba in the Park Fundraiser …

Zumba in Franklin ParkThank you to everyone who attended the Zumba in the Park Fundraiser on July 15th, 2017 and supporters

Special thank you to our Zumba instructors – Sheeena, Johanne and Michelle

Also Andre from Dorchester Food Co-Op


Zumba and Double Dutch Fundraiser

Join us on July 15th at 3pm at Franklin Park to help us raise funds for the school in Colminy


BMC at the Haitian Parade

Boston Mothers Care walked to the 12th Annual Haitian Parade on Blue Hill Avenue

It was great and fun for families and friends to come together in solidarity to demand an extension for the T. P. S.

Thank you to everyone that join with forces to show our beautiful cultures 

Haitian Parade 20`7

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