Update on our Relief for Puerto Rico

Dorchester Ave - PR Relie

TOGETHER WE CANAll is possible with love and solidarity

We don’t have any words to say Thank You or show our appreciations to everyone that reach out to us to support in any forms by donating their goods, collect donations or sorting things out – for our first shipment, we partner with Hyssop Christian Church in Dorchester Ave to help collecting and getting things move to Puerto Rico – We don’t have time to wait for aid when our brothers and sisters are dying and in pain.

Our first shipment will be heading to Puerto Rico for the Memorial weekend.

We had a great slam party with volunteers from MIT, UMass, Mass General Hospital, churches, Tele Mundo, and individuals came from different locations with forces to pack boxes, and loading them to the trucks to be in route to Orlando.

The senior pastor, Henry Monroig, from Hyssop and his family has been working tireless for the past few weeks to collect and make sure this is being done.  We know this is not a one time deal and we will continue working for Puerto Rico – they will need more support for a long period of time

We are focusing on the elderly and children in the rural areas – We have foods and water to support those families – Our long run is to get generators and water system to provide clean water.  We are on the right path and with God and everyone supports we will get there.

We can not stop and we won’t stop – Puerto Rico will rise again – PR se Levanta

Puerto Rico Relief with Hyssop Church - 10.7.17


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